November 16th, 2021

Notice is hereby given that the Monroe City Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday, November 16th, 2021, at the Monroe City Offices, 10 North Main Street, which meeting shall begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. 


1.            Chairman Bart Lee conducting- Meeting called to order- Prayer- Roll call.

The regular meeting of the Monroe City Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Bart Lee on November 16th, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. Opening prayer was offered by Commissioner Mecham. 


                Chairman Bart Lee


                Bart Lee

                Gordon Dickinson

                Bill Mecham

                Janet Cartwright-Excused

                Greg Northrup

                Paula Roberts-Excused

2.            Approval of previous meeting held October 19th, 2021.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to approve the minutes with the stated corrections. Seconded by Commissioner Dickinson. All were in favor. Motion passes 4-0.

3.            Citizens comments.

Leila Newby told the commissioners she is concerned about water issues. She wondered if the city is also concerned with water? She wants to know if the city requires water shares for new subdivision developments. Commissioner Lee informed her that new annexation or new subdivisions must have water shares turned in, or currently have the right to hook up to city water inside the city limits. Commissioner Lee also told her that the irrigation will not be expanded because it is set and without water shares or a study done, the irrigation water will not be expanded.  Christine Nielson mentioned that she was concerned about the growth of Monroe and asked about the power and water resources and what the city is doing to plan for further growth? Her big concern is outside of the city limits where there could be a lot of development. Commissioner Northrup commented that there are no water hookups allowed outside of the city limits and so there would not be a need to discuss those properties. 

4.            Subdivision proposal “Cornerstone Subdivision” located at approximately 820 S Jones Road. Submitted by Randy Draper.

Commissioner Dickinson asked if the subdivision would be tied into city water or will the lots be off of a well? He also asked if they are allowed irrigation water or are they outside of the golden circle? The subdivision has rights for each lot to access city culinary and irrigation water but each lot will have to pay to have a culinary hook up and irrigation riser installed. Commissioner Lee said there is plenty of frontage and the acreage is there, he sees no issues moving forward with the subdivision. No other questions were asked or comments made.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to approve the concept plan to the Monroe City Council. Seconded by Commissioner Dickinson. All were in favor. Motion passes 4-0.

5.            Conditional use license “Maxine’s Sweet Retreat Macaroons” located at 322 W 100 N. Submitted by Jeanette Roberts. 

Jeanette is wanting to run a small bakery out of her home. Commissioner Lee noted as long as she isn’t running a retail business everything seems to be in order. Commissioner Northrup asked if there will be any other employees besides her, which there will not be.  Commissioner Dickinson asked about the impact of customers coming and going and how it will affect her neighborhood? She will just be baking out of her home and delivering, there will be no customers coming to pick up. Commissioner Lee suggested the following conditions:
 That she cannot sell retail on site out of her home and she can’t have parking become an issue. 

No other comments were made.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to approve “Maxine’s Sweet Retreat Macaroons” with the stated conditions to the Monroe City Council. Seconded by Commissioner Mecham. All were in favor. Motion Passes 4-0.

6.            Conditional use license “Emily J Aesthetics” located at 255 S 100 W. Submitted by Emily Erickson. 

Emily is a licensed master of aesthetics looking to operate her business out of her home. She has a room dedicated to performing facials, waxing and other aesthetics. She plans on only having a few clients a week so parking and noise would not be an issue in the neighborhood. She has been licensed for over a year and has been practicing ever since. Commissioner Northrup asked if she has parking for customers? According to her, she has plenty for her clientele since she will only have 1 client at a time. Commissioner Mecham asked if she has a proper way to dispose of any chemicals? With what Emily is going to be doing she won’t have any toxins to dispose of. No other questions or concerns were asked. The following conditions were made for Emily J Aesthetics:

Must maintain her state aesthetics license and limit parking to 2 clients at a time. 

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to approve “Emily J Aesthetics” with the stated conditions to the Monroe City Council.  Seconded by Commissioner Dickinson. All were in favor. Motion Passes 4-0.

7.            Subdivision Amendment for Parsons Corner Subdivision phase 3. Lot #22. Submitted by Bobbi Parsons.

Commissioner Lee noted that there isn’t much to review here since the lot was already approved but just left outside of the phase. The Parson’s are now wanting to move lot #22 into phase #3 of their subdivision development. The lot meets and exceeds all the property setbacks required to develop/build on in Monroe. After looking at the proposed map, Commissioner Dickinson asked if lot #32 cuts into the road? He is worried that there won’t be enough width for the road to access lot #22 if that is the case.  The road isn’t being developed yet, but Commissioner Lee wants it noted that the road is looked at before moving forward with any new development that would involve lot #32. 

Commissioner Dickinson made a motion to amend the Parson’s subdivision adding in lot #22. Seconded by Commissioner Northrup. All were in favor. Motion Passes 4-0.

8.            Subdivision Amendment for Monroe Hot Springs Estates. Vacation and Amendment. Submitted by Trevor Gadd-Jones & Demille 

Trevor Gadd is here looking at doing a vacation plat to make lots larger in the Hot Springs Subdivision. After the lots have all been amended only one lot will be eliminated from the subdivision. The boundary lines  of the subdivision will change and move into a ditch which is owned by another property owner. Once boundary line agreements are finalized, Mike Ginsburg will get the property on the east side of the ditch and the subdivision will own the south side. Commissioner Lee expressed that anything they can do to make larger lots in that subdivision is appreciated. Block 7 on the plat map, lot #14 is the piece of property that will be eliminated to make each lot larger. Each lot will be big enough for septic systems. Commissioner Lee made sure to note that asphalt has to go to property lines and all the way down the road. He also mentioned that the planning commission feels by making these lots larger it improves the subdivision greatly. Commissioner Dickinson and Northrup agreed and stated their appreciation to improve the subdivision.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to approve the Vacate and Amendment of Monroe Hot Springs Subdivision. Seconded by Commissioner Dickinson. All were in favor. Motion Passes 4-0.

9.            Discussion concerning the proposal for a zone change from RR-1 to CR-1 affecting property located from 550 N Main to 800 S and 100 S to 450 W. 

Commissioner Northrup addressed the commissioners that roughly 17 properties on the north end of town would be affected by this zone change. The south end affects 12 and the east and west sides would be 16 and 19 properties. One thing that stuck out to him with the commercial residential area is the purpose of the zone is  to provide an area where communities can be established and maintained compatible with residential areas. He feels like moving forward with the expansion of the  commercial residential areas it will better benefit the future growth of Monroe City.  Commissioner Lee commented that by adding property into dual zones you’re adding something to the property that isn’t negatively affecting it. Commissioner Northrup also added that the animal rights do not change in either section of commercial residential or rural residential. 

10.          Public Hearing to receive comments on proposed changes concerning a proposal for a zone change from RR-1 to the CR-1 affecting property located from 550 N Main to 800 S and 100 S to 450 W. 

Commissioner Lee closed the planning commission meeting at 7:32 and opened the Public Hearing at 7:32.

Commissioner Lee showed the public the current zoning maps. He said that a problem that has arisen for properties that sit in both zones is that it makes things complicated to determine what your property is zoned as. He says that it doesn’t matter how many of these there are, one problem is one problem too many. Second issue is GG’s, Alvey’s, the car wash, the clinic and assisted living center are all operating under a conditional use license in a residential area. The problem he sees is if one business is doing it, others are allowed. He feels the commercial zone needs to stretch to include all businesses in the commercial zone. After the last meeting he noted citizens were not in favor of the original proposal of block to block.  He noted the changes of eliminating properties out of the commercial zone and bringing the zones to half a block. The planning commission has come up with 2 proposals. One is to include the entire strip of main street and down 100 S to 450 W and the other one is  with a commercial island that would eliminate 2nd south-5th south out of the commercial zone.  The commissioners feel like a longer range plan for the city is to not include the island, they feel like having the entire length of main street eliminates a lot of problems for the future. The island is more of a backfall. Commissioner Lee feels like this should have been done years ago. He also said the original market shouldn’t have been allowed in a residential area, the issue should have been taken care of then. He stated the city is at a point if we don’t do something now we will have more problems. With that being said, Commissioner Lee allowed the public to make comments asking that each comment be kept to three minutes.

Marjorie Sanchez told the commissioners that she has a few concerns with the zoning change affecting her property. Commissioner Northrup asked her for her address and informed her that her property is not going to be affected. No further comment was made after that. 

Greg Abbott wants clarification on the island. Commissioner Lee showed the citizens that the commercial residential zone would stop and then have a residential area and then the commercial residential zone would pick back up. Commissioner Dickinson stated again the island would include 2nd south thru 5th south. Greg asked why do the commissioners feel there is a need to change the zoning? Commissioner Northrup said we are not being consistent, and we need to be consistent. We don’t want to open ourselves up for a lawsuit by not allowing businesses to come in. He also stated we need a plan for the future. We can’t continue to do things the way that they have been in the past. Monroe is growing, main street is already busy on the south end and 20 years from now it is going to continue to grow. Main street is main street, it needs to be rezoned as commercial residential. The north end of main street is already a combination of homes mixed in with businesses, most of the businesses do not disrupt everyday life. Commissioner Lee noted that if a retail business is coming in, the city wants to have them in a commercial zone. 

Lyle Banks asked if the concern is to move the commercial zone to avoid being sued then why are they still going to allow conditional use licenses? Commissioner Lee responded that the conditional use licenses are  more for small business, they are expanding the commercial zone so we don’t have the issue of another “GG’s” coming into a residential area.  Commissioner Northrup said that larger businesses are operating off of conditional use licenses in residential zones and that is what they are trying to avoid in the future.  Lyle asked what control does the city have over these businesses that want to operate outside of the commercial zone? Commissioner Lee stated when a business is located outside the zone it has a list of permitted uses it has to abide by. 

Stephanie Smith wants the Commissioner’s opinion on what plan they feel is better? Commissioner Dickinson stated for uniformity, if a business wants to come in there is no map chasing,  no second guessing on whether or not the property is in  residential/commercial. He says they will always check to make sure a property is in the correct zone but it saves time, confusion and makes things more fair for everyone who is living on main street. Commissioner Lee noted it’s a longer range plan to go entirely down main street and the island plan will most likely have to be revisited in the future. 

Rick Adams wants to clarify, does putting the clinic and care center in a commercial zone protect the city from a lawsuit? Commissioner Lee informed him yes. The commercial zone will eliminate the need for larger businesses to be operating off a conditional use permit.

Dean Roundy asked if having a commercial expansion will slow down the conditional use applications? Commissioner Northrup said it will determine what type of business it will be. The zone change will not necessarily slow them down but it will give the bigger retail front businesses a place to belong. Commissioner Dickinson commented that a bigger business with multiple employees needs to be in a commercial zone and this gives them somewhere to be.

R.K. Nielson stated as far as the conditional use permit application goes,  he is concerned that neighbors and citizens do not have a say if someone wants to expand their business. Commissioner Lee stated that neighbors do not need to sign off on conditional use licenses anymore. Commissioner Dickinson told the public one of the main reasons the commissioners proposed the original block to block commercial zone  was that it went from 1st East to 1st West so you would have a 57’ barrier from businesses.  

Dave Collins asked what store front businesses are operating under a conditional use? The Commissioners responded that GG’s, the post office, Alvey Lumber, car wash, assisted living and both dr. clinics. Mr. Collins is worried that expanding the commercial zone will not provide protection for the citizens when it comes to their properties. 

Sharee Jones has an issue with the permitted uses, she feels the definition of the  commercial residential zone is too broad. She feels like the city needs to create a commercial residential zone that is lighter. She feels like churches, parks and city buildings should be taken out of the commercial zone. Commissioner Lee asked how it is affecting the church, school and park? Why would she want a separate zone? Sharee said Manti and Ephraim have churches in a residential zone. She feels like bare minimum in a residential zone is the best route to go. She also suggested adding a moratorium to stop building in Monroe until ordinances are in order. Commissioner Northrup asked her what she feels is out of order? Sharee quoted from the city code what the commercial zone states and informed them that she doesn’t feel comfortable with the city’s code. 

Kathy Marticorena asked what will happen with traffic if the entire strip of main street is moved to a commercial zone? Commissioner Northrup said that as traffic increases UDOT and Monroe City will work together to address that problem. 

Lyle Banks asked if they turn the entire main street into a commercial zone will there be curb and gutter? Or will curb and gutter have to be something looked at in the future? Commissioner Lee said that until there is major development curb and gutter will not be addressed. Commissioner Dickinson did some research with realtors in the Sevier valley, he said it’s hard to compare apples to apples. Homes on main street are not the greatest compared to other areas in Richfield. He asked the real estate agent if the homes in Monroe would be affected by this zone change? The agent told him that small homes are more marketable in Monroe then they are in Richfield regardless of what zone they are in. Commissioner Mecham said if a big business came in they would have to buy a couple of houses which would increase the property value for the owner. 

Dave Coe mentioned that property value would not be affected until the first business came in and opened up. He says it is a legitimate concern though once that first business comes in.  

Bob Lee said he feels it is important to recognize that people are here tonight to help benefit the city or there would have been a very large commercial zone. He feels like one of the best protections we have is to keep the citizens informed. He wants to give thanks to all the citizens that are here and also wants to thank those on the planning commission. He feels like people don’t get involved until something turns into a big deal and that needs to change.

Van Jones is wondering if we can allow certain businesses in designated commercial zones. Commissioner Lee said if we were bigger then there would be room to do something like that but since we are so small, property lines would not allow that.

Dwight Jenkins asked if both proposals are being sent to the City Council? If so he wants to add that he is in favor of the island on the south end of town. He doesn’t agree with the wording of fairness but understands the directness. He doesn’t feel like the 3 blocks from 2nd south to 5th south is heavy with residential and doesn’t need to be considered commercial. He feels that section of town is very thick with residential. He is not against progress or businesses. He thanked the commissioners.

Commissioner Mecham said that the town has grown but not the businesses and the commissioners are trying to be proactive with the growth.

Commissioner Lee closed the public hearing at 8:31 p.m. on November 16th, 2021. 

Commissioner Lee reopened the Planning Commission Meeting at 8:31 p.m. on November 16th, 2021.


11.          Consider recommendation to City Council on proposed zone change from RR-1 to CR-11 affecting property located from 550 N Main to 800 S and 100 S to 450 W. 

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to recommend both proposed maps to the Monroe City Council for decision and approval. One with the commercial island extending from 2nd south to 5th south. The other proposal stretches the commercial zone to 8th south. Seconded by Commissioner Dickinson. All were in favor. Motion Passes 4-0. 

12.          Conditional use license “AIRBNB Rental” located at 345 E 400 S. Submitted by Lance Roberts.

Item tabled. 

13.          Set December Planning Commission meeting. 

Commissioner Lee noted that they should take the holidays off. Commissioner Mecham made a motion to cancel the December meeting. Seconded by Commissioner Dickinson. All were in favor. Motion passes 4-0.

14.          Adjournment.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to adjourn at 8:36 p.m. Seconded by Commission Mecham. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned. 

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