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Ten Utah adults die each week from drug overdose; eight of which are a result of opioids; and four due to prescription opioids, specifically. Utah is particularly affected by prescription opioids, which are responsible for 41% of the unintentional and undetermined drug poisoning deaths in the state.  


We are excited to announce that we have installed a narcotic drop box inside of GG’s Market, near Aspen Ridge Pharmacy.  It’s ready for you to drop off any leftover, unused, or expired narcotics, medications, antibiotics or vitamins.  

Please read the label in the pictures below for specific forms of medication that can be dropped off.  I would encourage all of us to take a minute and go through our cupboards and clean out and drop off!!  

This will be a great asset to our Little Green Valley.   Properly disposing of unwanted or expired medications will save lives and prevent future drug abuse and overdoses.   A big thanks to Central Utah Counseling, Sevier County Sheriff’s Office, GG’s, Aspen Ridge Pharmacy, and Monroe City for helping to make this happen!

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