Public Notices

2022 MONROE CITY ANNUAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETINGSPublic NoticesJanuary 12, 2022Viewpublic-notices
1 18 2022 PUBLIC HEARINGPublic NoticesJanuary 4, 2022Viewpublic-notices
ORDINANCE SUMMARY 12 2 2021Public NoticesDecember 21, 2021Viewpublic-notices
Notice of Election 2022Public NoticesNovember 19, 2021Viewpublic-notices
11 2021 Official General Election ResultsPublic NoticesNovember 10, 2021Viewpublic-notices
Notice of canvass of General ElectionPublic NoticesNovember 4, 2021Viewpublic-notices
11 16 2021 PUBLIC HEARINGNews and Events, Public NoticesNovember 4, 2021Viewnews-events public-notices
CAMPAIGN FINANCIAL REPORTS 2021Public NoticesOctober 21, 2021Viewpublic-notices
RAP tax voter information pamphletPublic NoticesOctober 16, 2021Viewpublic-notices
Public Hearing – Zoning change from RR-1 to CR-1Public NoticesOctober 9, 2021Viewpublic-notices
INVITATION FOR BIDPublic NoticesSeptember 14, 2021Viewpublic-notices
Cemetery Reclaiming SpaceNews and Events, Public NoticesAugust 31, 2021Viewnews-events public-notices
7 13 2021 CITY COUNCIL PUBLIC HEARINGPublic NoticesJune 22, 2021Viewpublic-notices
Declarations for Office 2021News and Events, Public NoticesJune 4, 2021Viewnews-events public-notices
NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING- MONROE CITY 2021-2022 BUDGETPublic NoticesMay 22, 2021Viewpublic-notices
NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING-MUNICIPAL BUILDING AUTHORITY BUDGET 2021-2022Public NoticesMay 22, 2021Viewpublic-notices
NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING- OKERLUND ANNEXATIONPublic NoticesMay 22, 2021Viewpublic-notices
SUMMARY OF ADOPTION OF MONROE CITY ORDINANCE 5 01 2021Public NoticesMay 19, 2021Viewpublic-notices
Notice of Municipal OfficesPublic NoticesApril 13, 2021Viewpublic-notices

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